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„I would like to thank Dr Ines for everything she did. She was a very caring and gave lots of support. Without her encouraging I wouldn’t support the pain I had. Thanks to everyone in the clinic for their help. Very sweet staff. Thank you so much girls.“

Howard Sutcliff

Manchester, UK

„I was in Croatia on holiday and mid way through my visit I had broken a crown. Fortunately I was introduced to Dr. Situm. Her team did amazing work at a very reasonable price. As a result I was able to enjoy the rest of my vacation. Because of the great job and price my wife decided to wait on getting some work done until our return to Split the next summer; again the results were amazing. We highly recommend Dr. Situm to anybody in need of dental treatment.“

Bruce Peterson

London, UK

„ I live far away abroad and travel often to Europe. Have never met such attitude: professionalism that meets courtesy and passion for the profession. This dental practice in Croatia is simply superb value for money and a beautiful relaxing destination for dentistry. “

Patrick Le Gentil

Sidney, Australia

„My friend recommended Dr. Situm for my dental implant surgery. I had to visit Split three times within one year. At the beginning it sounded like a hustle, but now when I see the results I have no regrets. Would do it again!“

Kirsten Lorsched

Berlin, Germany

„To be honest, I was hesitant to come to Croatia to fix my teeth... But I was wrong. My family and I encountered wonderful hospitality, Croats are very friendly and quite incredible. We found the entire experience very beautiful, not only because of the respect and kindness, but also because of the work well done. We will definitely bring other people to experience your hospitality... You have great assistents who are always available. You are truly unique. Thank you for everything.“

Nicole Lowry

Pleasanton CA, USA

„Having my origins from Croatia it was easy for me to decide where I will have my dentist. Prices here are much cheaper comparing to Australia while dental clinic and service is much better than anything I have seen back home. Something to recommend“


Janet Kapor

Melburne, Australia